Meet Dr. Wu - the Palo Alto native orthodontist with a focus on cutting edge tech

Innovative, creative and an influential leader in the orthodontics industry, Dr. Wu is an expert in advanced, modern orthodontics, who takes the time to educate others. With years of experience and over 4000 lifetime cases of clear aligners, you can trust Dr. Eric Wu to understand your goals and empower your smile.

Dr. Wu

About Dr. Wu

Educated at the Universities of Pittsburgh, California and Pennsylvania, Dr. Wu is a highly respected and accomplished Orthodontist with several publications and patents to his name. Established since 2007, the team at Wu Orthodontics are renowned for their passion and skill in applying advanced technology. Dr. Wu remodeld his office from scratch after completing his training and built his business in the Palo Alto, California hometown he loves.

Highly educated, Dr. Wu has an incredible amount of knowledge as well as practical experience, with over 4000 lifetime cases of clear aligner treatment. He is a trusted advisor to Orthoclassic, who manufacture the Pitts 21 Bracket system of braces and a key opinion leader for uLab systems, the Silicon Valley-based digital clear aligner software company. An active member of the American, Pacific Coast and California Associations of Orthodontics, Dr. Wu also is a valued and respected member of both the Progressive Orthodontist Study Club and the Pitts Progressive Study club.

A native of Palo Alto, Dr. Wu is a family man, who enjoys biking and wine. Eric shares his life with his wife Lisa and their two children, Misa and Preston. He is fluent in Mandarin and speaks proficient German.

Dr. Wu’s education and accomplishments

Dr. Wu’s journey to the expert Orthodontist he is today began at the University of California at San Diego, after graduating from the local Palo Alto Gunn High School. Dr. Wu’s Bachelor’s Degree in Biochemistry then led him to four years of dental school at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, followed by a year treating complex interdisciplinary cases during his Advanced Education General Dentistry residency at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Once Dr. Wu had successfully completed his residency, he went on to do cosmetic dental as a General Dentist for a year in Los Angeles. However, Dr. Wu’s passion for advanced dentistry soon inspired him to begin study once again and he received his speciality degree in orthodontics after three years of study at the University of Pittsburgh.

Dr. Wu is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and Roseman University Postgraduate Department of Orthodontics.

Additionally, Dr. Wu has hospital privileges at Stanford University and the Sleep Surgery Center. He works closely with the doctors at the Sleep Surgery Clinic, due to the mini-residency in Sleep Medicine that he undertook at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Dr. Wu’s publications and patents

Dr. Wu's peers within the world of orthodontics hold him in high esteem and trust him to lead the way in innovative, cutting edge technological advances.

Due to his creative mind and understanding of advanced orthodontic engineering, Dr. Wu has two current patents pending, the Indirect Bonding Tray System, Pending U.S. Patent Application #62/840,559 and the Attachments for Tooth Movements, Pending U.S. Patent Application #62/840,571.

He is also a well-respected writer on all aspects of orthodontics and has been published in

  • The Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists’ Bulletin (Winter 2014 Diastema Closing Appliance, Vol 86, #4),
  • The Advansync Appliance Workbook (Case Report, Allesee Orthodontic Appliances Lab, 2017)
  • Progressive Orthodontist Magazine (Q4 2018, Disrupting Clear Aligner Therapy)
  • Orthotown, June 2022, Combination Treatment Helps Speed Case Progress

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