Why choose Dr. Wu and Wu Orthodontics?

Deciding to start Orthodontic treatment can be an exciting time, but also a little bit daunting. It can feel overwhelming trying to understand all of the options and technology involved.

Every patient has different needs and goals - but all of our patients want the best experience and to use our innovative technology for a vibrant, healthy and beautiful smile.

Wu Orthodontics understands every aspect of the patient experience. We have experience with a range of patients and provide a caring and supportive environment for everyone. We give extra attention to children and teenagers, those with special needs and anyone who is nervous about treatment.

We also care deeply about the environment and are committed to reducing our impact, focusing on green, energy efficient technology and techniques. Wu Orthodontics use paperless charts, energy efficient lighting and toilets and recycle everything we possibly can.

Using technology and

education to empower your smile

Wu Orthodontics is committed to innovation: that’s why we are continuously investing in the latest technology and updating our learning to maintain our outstanding doctor credentials. With a focus on the cutting edge of engineering and advancing technology, we have in-house 3D imaging and digital diagnosis that brings results in just minutes.

We know there’s a lot of information that can influence your decision. That is why we have developed a computerized patient education platform - putting you in control and giving you deeper understanding, to make the most informed decisions.

Individualized treatment planning and flexible payment plans help you make the most of your budget, fitting in with your busy lifestyle. Our focus on advancements in technology means we can offer a range of accelerated treatments, often reducing treatment time by up to 30%. We even have our very own laboratory which can offer quick turnaround for fabricating retainers using the latest in 3D printing technology.

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Using technology and

Innovative treatments that

work faster and harder without any pain

Many of our patients say they are worried about pain and ongoing discomfort when undergoing orthodontic treatments. We understand these fears and that’s why we have invested in a range of treatments that are powerful yet gentle. Our Pitts 21 and Brius braces don’t need repeat visits for adjustments and most patients find they forget they’re wearing them after an initial “settling in” period. Our clear aligners are convenient and easy to wear and remove, putting you in control.

Wu Orthodontics provides a range of advanced and sophisticated treatments that only exert gentle pressure. You won’t even notice they’re working day to day, until you see their incredible, rapid results.

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Innovative treatments that

Your safety, comfort and

patient experience is our priority

Using state of the art sterilization, we ensure excellent hygiene standards and practices are maintained at all times. All of our staff are vaccinated against Covid-19 and keep their own health at a high level to maintain patient safety.

With a focus on reducing unnecessary extractions, especially for our youngest patients, we only use the most effective treatments. This keeps costs down and ensures convenient treatment that fits with your lifestyle. Our highly trained expert team is experienced in looking after special needs children and we speak Spanish, Mandarin and Vietnamese.

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Your safety, comfort and

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