We use our smartphones for almost everything in our lives. From setting alarms to wake up, to tracking our workouts, calories and calendars, we keep our phones close to us at all times. That being said, it comes as no surprise that our phones can be used to help improve our oral hygiene as well. To help establish or improve your daily routine during orthodontic treatment, Wu Orthodontics is sharing a few apps here are a few apps you can try.

Brush DJ

Are you brushing your teeth for a long enough time? Brush DJ plays two minutes of music from your own library of songs so you can keep track of the time. Taking it even further, the app also includes a visual display to show you where to brush. A custom reminders feature helps keep you on track of things like replacing your toothbrush and upcoming orthodontic appointments.

Chomper Chums

One of the biggest challenges parents have with maintaining their kids’ oral health is getting them to brush their teeth regularly. Chomper Chums aims to make oral hygiene a fun and rewarding experience.

When your child brushes their teeth, they earn rewards that can be redeemed to buy things for their virtual Chomper Chums pet. Not only can they buy food and drinks for their pets, but the app encourages them to make healthy food choices for their pet – reinforcing healthy eating habits they can use themselves.

Brush Monster

Similar to Chomper Chums, Brush Monster is made with kids and oral health education in mind. Using augmented reality (AR), expert recommended toothbrushing methods, and John Dewey’s ‘Learn by doing’ (a cognitive development theory for children), the app lets kids follow the AR toothbrush in real time.

In just three minutes, kids learn how to squeeze the right amount of toothpaste, how to brush all areas of the teeth and clean up when they’re done. Stars are earned after each session and can be used for different activities within the app. A bluetooth enabled toothbrush can be purchased separately but is not required.  

BracesHelpBraces Help

Source: iTunes.apple.com

This iPhone app is for people with braces and those considering orthodontic treatment. It features educational tips, videos and photos to help you care for your braces between appointments. You’ll never feel alone in your orthodontic journey with this app.


Don’t worry about having to remember to brush or floss again with the Text2Floss app. This helpful app reminds you via text message to brush and floss your teeth. It also features a GPS-enabled Find a Clinic locator to help you find licensed dentists nearby.

Brush Teeth

Brush Teeth plays music from the playlist in your phone while showcasing users instructions for how to brush their teeth. Just like many of the other apps listed, this app also features brushing reminders, dentist appointment reminders, and toothbrush replacement notifications. What sets it apart from the pack is that it is also available on the Apple Watch.

Whether you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment or not, having a solid dental hygiene ritual is important for everyone. While the six apps mentioned can help you maintain the bright smile you deserve, always remember that Dr. Wu at Wu Orthodontics is your best resource. Contact our office for advice on your oral hygiene routine and make your next visit and informed and pleasant experience.