How much does orthodontic treatment cost in Palo Alto?

Opting for orthodontic treatment is the best investment in your health you can make. Many people don’t realize how much poor oral health can impact on their general state of wellbeing. Poor oral health can have serious health consequences.

Ensuring proper tooth alignment will make oral hygiene far easier and ensure your smile lasts a lifetime.

The uplift in confidence our patients experience after fixing their tooth alignment issues makes a huge impact, too. Patients say they find their self-esteem is boosted and they finally have the courage and determination to strive for personal and professional improvements, like a new job or promotion.

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What is the cost of my chosen

treatment plan with Dr. Wu?

To ensure everyone gets the care they need:

  • we offer interest free monthly payment plans
  • we work with all insurance plans
  • we accept FSA and HSA plans

With a range of easy payment options and potential insurance coverage, you will be delighted to realize that your perfect smile is within reach. Our dedication to innovative engineering excellence means treatment is faster, reducing overall costs. Many of our options reduce the need for repeat adjustment visits, so there’s less time in the treatment chair and more time spent enjoying that smile.

There are a large range of factors that will affect how much your treatment will cost. These include the extent of the work that is needed, if any surgery is indicated and how long treatment will last. However, we have a range of payment options available. FSA and HSA accounts may be eligible for treatment.

What is the cost of my chosen

Financing your treatment plan is easy with Wu Orthodontics

The overall cost of your treatment plan is dependent on a range of factors, but all of the costs and payment options that are available to you will be fully explained. We offer convenient automatic deductions for your monthly payments.

Our friendly Treatment Coordinator will go through these flexible, value-added payment plans. The team can also help you determine what portion of your insurance is available for your orthodontic treatment. Wu Orthodontics will even file your insurance paperwork for you, making the entire process streamlined and simple.

We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express as well as most other major credit cards.

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Financing your treatment plan is easy with Wu Orthodontics

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