Pitts 21™ Bracket System

Wu Orthodontics is now using the next generation, Pitts 21™ System of Braces!

The Pitts 21 is an advanced low-friction and light force orthodontic solution that delivers healthy tooth movement with optimal control.

What Does This Mean for You?

  • Comfortable Care: With the Pitts 21 system, the smooth rounded corners and edges of the braces are soft against your lips, creating a more comfortable experience. The low-profile design of the braces makes them protrude less, reducing irritation.
  • Shorter Appointments: The Pitts 21 system of braces also operates more efficiently than traditional braces resulting in shorter appointment times.
  • Speed: Pitts 21 braces have been carefully designed to give orthodontists the best opportunity to move teeth as fast as possible. This typically results in fewer appointments and faster treatment time than traditional braces.
  • Hygiene: The small size and rounded edges make Pitts 21 braces easy to clean. A quick swish with water will free most food from your braces.
  • Quality Results: The Pitts 21 system allows for healthy tooth movement and complete control of the finished alignment. Once treatment is done, patients leave Wu Orthodontics with wide beautiful smiles and straight teeth.

Pitts 21 Bracket System Smile Arch Dr. Eric Wu at Wu Orthodontics in Palo Alto CA

Smile Arc Protection – Why Are The Braces Placed So High?

SAP-VID-Smile-Comparison Wu Orthodontics Palo Alto CASmile Arc Protection (SAP) / Vertical Incisor Display (VID) brackets are placed more gingival (closer to gums) than traditional brackets, resulting in a beautiful curved smile line and increased tooth display.

Smile Arc is when the edges of your top teeth follow the curve of your lower lip. The ideal Smile Arc has full teeth display with curvature parallel to the curvature of the lower lip, as shown in the diagram to the right. A straight, flat smile is less pleasing than a curved smile. A reverse curve where the front teeth appear to be shorter than the canines gives a look of aging and wear, and can be quite unattractive.

Smile Arc Protection results in:

  • Improved Facial Esthetics
  • Creates a Youthful Hollywood Smile
  • Beautiful Broad Smile Follows Curvature of Lower Lip
  • Reduce Flaring of Front Teeth
  • Reduces Dark Corridors in Corners of Mouth
  • Improves Performance of the Appliance

Before and After Orthodontic Treatment at Wu Orthodontics in Palo Alto CA